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  • What are Seed Bombs?
    Seed bombs are an ancient Japanese practice called Tsuchi Dango, meaning earth dumpling. Seed bombs are used as a way of farming and farm repair after spring flooding. The seed bombs originally were handmade from recycled paper and made from clay and compost mix.
  • How do you use Seed Bombs?
    Toss the seed bomb on top of soil or press into the soil about 1/4 inches deep. Keep soil moist through seed germination or plant during the rainy season. Germination typically takes 2 weeks.
  • Do Seed Bombs expire?
    Seed bombs do not have an expiration date. The recommended time is within a year of purchasing your seed bombs. The later you toss the seed bombs the decreases the germination rate.
  • Why don't Seed Bombs germinate?
    Oftentimes, they are planted at the wrong time of the year or in a location that does not get sun or moisture. They can also be planted too deep. Lastly, select the right seed for the right location.
  • What payment options do you accept?
    We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, for all countries.
  • Do you ship Seed Bombs internationally?
    No. Urban Roots Company is not licensed to ship seeds outside of US borders. International custom laws may require extensive licensing from exporters.
  • What are creative ways to use Seed Bombs?
    Seed Bombs are not the typical gift. But, Seed Bombs can be used for birthdays, baby showers,bridal showers, wedding favors, bar mitzvah, christmas presents, corporate gifts, earth day gifts and more.
  • How do I place a custom order?
    We love custom orders! Sends us a email via our Contact page with what seeds you would like to mix. We are excited to help brnig your vision to life.
  • Do you offer bulk discount?
    Yes, for orders 25 and over. Please reach out reach out to us via our Contact page labeled "Bulk Inquire."
  • I placed an order online and changed my mind! Can my order be CANCELED?
    We accept cancellations on a case-by-case basis. ??????
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